Is $21.19/hour enough to live on in Prince George for a family of 4? In this episode of The Prince George Life Podcast we are joined by accountant Crystal Livingstone who is the founder and CEO of Flagship Accounting.

In a recent article published by Prince George Daily News they site a recent study done by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives that states the current living way for Prince George in 2022 is $21.19 per hour. This has increased dramatically since 2018 when it was $16.51 per hour. The living wage is the hourly wage that two parents working full-time need to earn to support a family of four.

Prince George is not the only community hit with an increase. In Kelowna it is $4.39 (23.7 per cent) higher than last year’s rate of $18.49, in Victoria it is $3.83 (18.7 per cent) higher than last year’s $20.46 and in Metro Vancouver it is $3.56 (17.3 per cent) higher than last year’s $20.52.

Listen in as the One Oak Real Estate Group chats with Crystal all about what she is seeing in our city and area. She also helps us understand what it all means.

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy this episode.

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